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This is a podcast about the ins and outs of camp ministry. We're discussing things we wish we would have known when we embarked on the journey into camp ministry full time.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season 3, Episode 3: Identifying Areas of Growth

    Today, Jay Oliver leads us in a discussion about the 6 areas that we can grow in our ministry. These areas include our attitudes, priorities, families, time management, appearance, and our "Dream-O-Meter."        If you have any questions about the podcast or Crowders Camps, please feel free to email us at ...


  2. Season 3, Episode 2: Recess

    In today's episode, Jay and Grayson will be discussing our newest program at Crowders Camps called Recess. This program was established with distance learning in mind so that kids have the oportunity to get out of the house and experience camp while also being able to do their school work.      If ...


  3. Season 3, Episode 1: Four Guiding Principles

    In today's episode we will discuss our four guiding principles that we set up to help us during the Covid-19 pandemic that we are in. These priciples have helped us in adapting our programming and ensuring that every staffer and camper is safe while hearing the gospel at camp.  ...


  4. Season 2, Episode 2: Eight Things That Changed Our Camp

    Today we’re talking about the eight things that changed our camp this summer. To view show notes for this episode, visit Have a question you want to be answered on a show? Email us at ...


  5. Season 2, Episode 1: Hiring Your Year-Round Staff

    We’re back with Season 2 of The Camp Guys Podcast! Today, we’re talking about hiring full-time staff members who serve all year-round. Want a question answered on the show? Email To view show notes, visit our website at ...