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This is a podcast about the ins and outs of camp ministry. We're discussing things we wish we would have known when we embarked on the journey into camp ministry full time.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7: Being Discipleship-Ready with Operations and Facilities

    We sat down with our Operations Director to discuss how we keep our facilities and daily operations maintained in a way that we call “discipleship-ready.” This new standard of facilities and operations has helped make our camper experiences even greater. ...


  2. Episode 6: Managing Expectations

    We’re talking about our expectations, how we expect God to move in camp ministry, and how our expectations can translate to the guest experience. ...


  3. Episode 5: Recruiting Summer Staff

    We talk about our challenges and approach to hiring summer staff to work for us during the summer season. ...


  4. Bonus: Our Review of the 2019 CCCA Super Sectional at Ridgecrest

    We give our review and our top tidbits that we learned from the 2019 CCCA Super Sectional Conference. If you attended, we’d love to hear what you learned! ...


  5. Episode 4: Building a Camp Theme

    This episode, we take a look at how we decide on camp themes and the way that we choose to approach this each year. ...